Fees & Packages

Adventure Campus, Treuchtlingen, Germany

Tuition and registration

Price € 695,-. This includes 9,5 days of lecturing. In addition, a non-refundable registration fee of € 100,- is required.

Room plus breakfast
Price € 345,-. This includes 14 nights in a single room with private bathroom and a breakfast buffet with tea and coffee.

Lunch and dinner
Price € 270,-. This includes a lunch buffet and a dinner buffet for every day spent on campus. One of the buffets is warm. It also includes free non-alcoholic beverages during the stay on the campus.

Outdoor package¹
Price € 89,-. This covers 2 half-day outdoor programs, and 1 full-day outdoor program including certified instructors and rental fees for necessary equipment.

Business visits¹
Price € 50,-. This covers two business visits including transport to the location of the companies.

Cultural activities
Price € 45,-. This includes a one-day visit to a German city, or one activity in Germany depending on the activities organized in the wide surroundings of the campus. This can be a visit of Munich, Nuremberg, etc. One cultural evening is also included.

¹ this package requires a minimum number of participants


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